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Casey J. Auten AMS CMI

Marine Surveyor & Insurance Claim Specialists

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We work with many Insurance companies in Texas and Oklahoma. 


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As a Professional Marine Surveyor I have the expertise to provide a comprehensive inspection of your boat. I will evaluate many different aspects of the boat's conditions — providing many of the same evaluations that home appraisers, code inspectors, and fire marshalls perform when inspecting homes.


After completing the boat survey, I will provide you with a comprehensive written survey report detailing my findings and listing of all discovered defects in the boat. In my report, I will include photographs and information to show you specifically where the problem or potential problem is located.


I will also include in my report recommendations regarding required repairs that must be performed for the boat to be considered safe to operate, and recommendations on other repairs to ensure the boat meets accepted standards for reliable function and operation.


Having a professional marine survey perform a boat survey  before you purchase is very imporant as it will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about purchase and pricing. It will also provide you with peace of mind about the vessel.


Give us a call and we will discuss your specific issue in detail.


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Casey J. Auten   AMS, CMI


Professional Marine Surveyors


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